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Season Eight Match Day 24 : Fixtures Completed

Next Scheduled Match Day : Friday 24th September 2021

Week Twenty League Turn, Week Twenty Youth League Turn

Einnek Two Match Details

APC Shirt

B Plate International Group Three Match #


Man of the Match

Rod Murchison
GBR Shirt
Asia Pacific Great Britain

Player Subs Pos Sk Agg Fit Caps Club Side Perf
Makutai Tikopia G611019/0ASC Sarentino7.0
Beauden Lawrence (C) D51107/1Calico Legacy8.0
Solomon Tupua D631026/2Southsea United7.5
Fraser Shook * 69D63102/0AC Legacy7.0
Rod Murchison D54105/1Robbailie Guardas10.0
Kellpatrick Darkmoor M64613/0Weyland Industries FC7.5
Efrain Crowe M521015/0Lightning Strikes8.0
Cody Lawson ~ 75A721011/3Lightning Strikes7.5
Blake Uxbridge A63102/2Dobson Dynamos8.0
Jack Kisscut A631010/3Lincoln Hearts8.5
Sonny Marne + 75A64104/3Cartoontown FC7.0
Hachi Obata S531010/0Magma Stars 
Monroe Kern * 69S54715/0Lightning Strikes6.0
Oden Quintero * 75S52108/1Blackburn Olympic6.0
Takeshi Na * 75S52108/5Chichester Bears6.0

Player Subs Pos Sk Agg Fit Caps Club Side Perf
Gerraint Lloyd G731012/0Lightning Strikes7.5
Blakeley Samson (C) D53109/0ASC Sarentino8.5
Camden Rutherford D851021/1Wasted Potentials7.5
Charlie Harrington * 71D63109/0FC Chauvet7.0
Shelby Ninetrees D6266/1Melbourne Devils7.5
Caleb O'Shea M831012/0Dynamo Novovolynsk9.0
Zachary Flack M74818/1Dynamo Novovolynsk8.0
Lovell Roxburgh ~ 75M621018/2Cartoontown FC7.0
Broadie Oag A841014/17CF Atlas9.5
Moby Griffen A851011/7Salem 8018.5
Ezra Fox + 77A611020/14Saffron Renaissance7.5
Connor Holmeswood S65107/0Melbourne Devils 
Craig Frizzel * 71S521016/0AFC Loughborough6.5
Feargus Buckley * 75S53107/0Zhengzhou Shaolins6.0
Bancroft Bentley * 77S511018/9EA Strypers6.0

Match Timeline

4’  0-1GoalBroadie Oag
7’Blake UxbridgeGoal1-1  
20’  1-2GoalBroadie Oag
32’Kellpatrick DarkmoorYellow Card1-2  
38’  1-2Yellow CardZachary Flack
HT  1-2  
54’  1-2Yellow CardShelby Ninetrees
55’Rod MurchisonGoal2-2  
55’  2-3GoalMoby Griffen
68’Jack KisscutGoal3-3  
79’  3-4GoalMoby Griffen
82’  3-5GoalBroadie Oag
FT  3-5  

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