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Season Eight Match Day 16 : Fixtures Completed

Next Scheduled Match Day : Friday 6th August 2021

Week Fourteen League Turn, Week Fourteen Youth League Turn

Einnek Two Player Draft IV - July 2021

Each team will receive one player from the draft player’s list. Positions in the draft will be determined based on cash bids. The highest bidding side will get the first pick, the second highest bidder will have the second pick; and so on until the lowest bidding side has the final pick.

Each team can only make one bid. You must have cleared funds at the time of bidding and money will leave your account immediately.


All picks are timed. Each managers has a maximum of 24 hours to make their pick. The timer starts as soon as the last pick is completed. If you miss your turn you will move to the end of the queue.


Next Teams to Pick =



Player List

Player Pos Nat Wage Sk YSk Ag Fit Wacs Age Team