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Season Eight Match Day 24 : Fixtures Completed

Next Scheduled Match Day : Friday 24th September 2021

Week Twenty League Turn, Week Twenty Youth League Turn

Einnek Two Rule Book

Click here to open the PDF rule book.


Rule book revision list:

V2020.05 - 10-Oct-2020 : Season Six Updates - Youth Point awards, annual ground maintenance, youth caps limits.

V2020.04 - 05-May-2020 : Minor typos corrected.

V2020.03 - 28-Apr-2020 : Season Six Updates - Training changes, WACS restoration, player introduction youth skills.

V2020.02 - 04-Apr-2020 : International selection clarification.

V2020.01 - 11-Feb-2020 : Minor typos corrected.

V2019.02 - 19-Oct-2019 : End of Season awards updated.

V2019.01 - 16-Jun-2019 : B International selection clarification.

V2018.19 - 16-Nov-2018 : Minor typos corrected.

V2018.18 - 15-Mar-2018 : Season Two Updates - Prospect of the Week, players runs requirements, bank balances, B internationals.

V2018.17 - 14-Mar-2018 : Minor typos corrected.

V2018.16 - 01-Mar-2018 : Cup POTW Updated.

V2017.15 - 14-Dec-2017 : Minor text clarification.

V2017.14 - 03-Nov-2017 : Minor typos corrected.

V2017.13 - 03-Sep-2017 : Additional detail added regarding WACS and Commercial Depts.

V2017.12 - 02-Sep-2017 : Correct typo relgarding performance runs and skil lincreases.

V2017.11 - 23-Aug-2017 : Added clarity on sections relating to youth ints selection, performance runs and use of youth points. Plus some typos.

V2017.10 - 22-Aug-2017 : Initial Publication