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Season Eight Match Day 16 : Fixtures Completed

Next Scheduled Match Day : Friday 6th August 2021

Week Fourteen League Turn, Week Fourteen Youth League Turn

Einnek Two Transfer News

Transfer Listed Players

Player Pos Nat Wage Sk YSk Ag Fit WACS Yel Age Int Buy Now Auction Ends
Giedrius Pliksnevicius D 10000 4   2 10 15   25-4 2/0 £2,750,000 - 5th Aug @ 10:00am
Notes: All unsold players will move to non-league at the time indicated. While auctions will end at the that time.


This Turns Confirmed Transfer Deals

Date Transfer Deal Details
No Transfer Deals Confirmed


Youth Player Introductions This Turn

Date Player Team Pos Nat Sk Ag
No Players Introduced


Player Retirals To Non-League This Turn

Date Player Team Pos Nat Sk For
30th July Dalton Cornish South Coast Spartans D 0 wacs


Current Season's Transfer Deals, Introductions & Retiral Summaries

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15 16